Free Personal Branding and Interview Advice For Permanent Job Seekers

Richard Penfold Sentient-Recruitmen.comtWith near 15 years recruitment experience I hope I maybe able to help people find their dream job.

If dream job is asking too much.

Can we settle for speeding up the job finding process, and positioning you to maximise your earnings?

This site is about sharing what I know works.

Hi My name is Richard Penfold.

For any of you that may know me or my old site layout I’ve changed things around.

Hopefully for the better…

New theme, total focus on the advisory information as I’ve retired from being a practicing recruitment consultant.

Background Info

I set up Sentient in 1998 to focus on supporting clients predominantly in the UK Consulting, IT Services and Banking communities.

Being a small recruitment company our strength became specialisation.

And we ended up specialising in recruiting Risk Management  and Business Continuity Professionals for the above markets.

I was lucky enough to have some great clients in companies such as KPMG, Barclays, PWC, EDS, Marsh, Cap Gemini and others.

For me the skill in recruiting was ‘match making’ skills and personality types that would complement each other and deliver commercial objectives for my clients, and personal objectives for the people I found them.

In terms of helping people find their right role, I would like the following pages to…

  • Help people define their vision of what they want
  • Play to their strengths (develop a compelling USP)
  • Create winning personal marketing / branding materials 
  • Develop their plan of action
  • Negotiate and close…


CV resume writing tips that separate you from the crowdCV / Resume Writing Tips
This section covers the journey of developing your vision of what job you want, and using self reflection and assessment techniques to hopefully inspire the development of your personal brand and unique selling proposition.

From here we create winning marketing materials CV / Resume, Cover Letters, and possibly brag books / 30-60-90 day plan documents.

Marketing documents that will separate you from the crowd.

free Linkedin guide teaches you how to get yourself head-huntedLinkedin How To Get Headhunted
LinkedIn is simply too important a resource for job seekers or those looking to ‘position’ themselves to be found by others.

A great business networking tool this section will make sure your personal branding will align with all your marketing materials, and help ‘sell’ you without even trying.

Best Interview Tips – How To Succeed At Interview

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Job interview tips - using the STAR Method as the foundation to turn interviews into Job OffersThe hard work you’ve put in to develop a memorable USP, and all the associated marketing materials (cover letters, CV / Resume etc) will result in job interviews.

This section is about converting those interviews into job offers.

I suggest the STAR Method as the critical framework for turning interview answers into compelling, engaging and ultimately offer winning experience stories…

Career Change Advice
If your considering changing your career this section is for you.

Changing career direction is not easy the trick is learning how to re position your old skills and experiences to suit your new objectives This section is about how to leverage and re-position past experience to appeal to your ‘new’ market.

Resources page
Includes much that will help determined job seekers and includes my free pdf guide “Interview Sniper” which walks through the above process.

Also included CV Resume templates and forms that you can download or copy.

Links to other helpful job seeker resources.

A page of job seeker help and awesomeness… :)


Since updating the tech behind this website much of the older content has been removed…

Sorry if that’s what you’re after.

What remains is likely under the following links…

Risk Management

Business Continuity Management